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Leopard 1 Battle Tank Amphibious Chassis Upgrade & New Turret Up Gunned Variants Projects Management



Leopard 1 Amphibious 8 wheels Tank Destroyer 105mm Gun Variant


Leopard 1 Turret Up Gunned Auto Loading NATO 120mm Gun Battle Tank Variant



Leopard 1 SG Amphibious 8 wheels Tank Destroyer 105mm Gun Variant




Leopard 1 SG Main Battle Tank NATO 120mm VariantLeopard 1 SG Auto-Loading 120mm Gun Battle Tank

18 rounds inside the autoloader magazine with additional 22 rounds in the chassis


Leopard 1 Amphibious 8 wheels Tank Destroyer 105mm Gun Variant



Cost Analysis


Used Original Leopard 1 105mm Gun Turret 

0.75 million

8 wheels Amphibious IFV Chassis with alteration

2.75 million

Total Cost

3.50 million

Cost Analysis


Slovak Made Turret with French 120mm Gun

2.50 million

Used Leopard 1 Original Chassis with no alteration

0.75 million

Total Cost

 3.25 million


Leopard 1 Original Chassis Up Gunned with French 120 mm Gun mounted on Slovak made Turret



Combined Turret & Chassis Statistic


Tank       VehWt  FuelType  FuelCap  FuelCons  TrMov   ComMov  Load   Crew  Mnt

Leopard 1  40T    D,G,A     800      200       130/80  30/20   700kg  3     8


Tank       Stabili.  Susp  Config   RF   HF  HS  HR  TF     TS  TR  Ammo

Leopard 1  Good      T:6   Trt      +4   26   7   5  65-Cp  20  10  18x120mm


Weapon       Round     Rng        Damage       Pen


120mm        APFSDS    500        28           110/100/90/70

             HEAT      400        C:10, B:25   80C

             HE        400        C:10, B:35   1C


Weapon    ROF   Dam   Pen       Blk   Mag   SS   Brst   Rng


MAG MG    10     4    2-3-Nil    6    50B   1     9      65

 bipod    10     4    2-3-Nil    6    50B   1     5      90

 tripod   10     4    2-3-Nil    6    50B   1     4     125


Leopard 1 SG Main Battle Tank NATO 120mm Variant

Turret Specification

ARMAMENT - French 120 mm 52 calibre smoothbore gun is fitted with a thermal sleeve and muzzle reference system. Fumes are exhausted with a compressed air unit
The gun, which fires APFSD (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot) and HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) rounds with a firing rate of 12 rounds/minute.

Aiming system is entirely electrical for improved acceleration with Gyroscope stabilisation, which allows cross-country fire-on-the-move against mobile targets.


Automatic loading turret system, 18 rounds of ready-to-use ammunition are carried and armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun co-axial with the main gun and a roof-mounted 7.62 mm anti-aircraft gun. Remained 22 rounds store on chassis.


Fire Control and Observation - The digital fire control system allows the gunner or commander to select six different targets to be engaged in just over 30 seconds. Dual firing system for both gunner & commander.


System's digital computer allows real-time treatment of data from the tank's sensors and sights.


The commander has eight periscopes with an HL-70 stabilised panoramic sight from SFIM Industries, now part of SAGEM.


HL-70 includes laser rangefinder, day channel, and second generation image intensifier. Recognition range is 4 km and identification range is 2.5 km


The commander has a display showing the gunner's thermal sight.


Gunner's station is equipped with gunner's main sight, three periscopes and a visual display unit.


Gunner's stabilised sight is SAVAN 20 from SAGEM, which contains a three field of view thermal imager.


Nine launch tubes for the 80 mm grenades are fitted on either side of the turret roof. The system can launch smoke or anti-personnel grenades or infrared decoys.